Step 1 - USA Rugby registration

Updated Thursday March 17, 2016 by James Cooper.

Step 1 - USA Rugby registration (mandatory)

USA Rugby requires players & coaches to register with USA Rugby. This can be done easily on their membership website.

This is mandatory for both coaches and players. You will need the USA Rugby registration number ("CIPP") to complete the Phoenix Rugby registration and for insurance purposes (see at bottom).

  • High schooler? Register with this club "Phoenix Rugby Club LLC High School"
  • Middle schooler & below? Register with this club "Phoenix Rugby Club LLC Youth Contact"

Important: If you were previously registered with USA Rugby, you can login to an existing account on the USA Rugby Membership website with your email address and password.  

If you have any problems or issues registering with USA Rugby, send and email to

To learn more about the benefits of USA Rugby Membership, please visit the USA Rugby website and look at the "Membership Resources" section. 

Why do you have to register to USA Rugby ?

Registration with USA Rugby automatically provides LIABILITY AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COVERAGE for the player.

IMPORTANT: Insurance coverage from USA Rugby should be considered secondary to your own personal insurance.  However, it may serve as primary coverage in the absence of other medical coverage.  For more information about insurance please go to this link.