Ruggerfest - Important Information for Tournament

Mar. 3 & 4

Updated Monday February 26, 2018 by Cindy Cooper.

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ADMISSIONS - $5.00 /DAY (Except Players & Coaches - No exceptions)

Address listed on parking map:  2425 Sports Parkway, Matthews, NC 28105  

(Note:  Previously address listed as 1505 Tank Town Rd, Matthews, NC 28105)

Parking Map

Field Map

Phoenix - Team Area is space #22


Emergency Action Plan

Saturday Matches will run between 9 a.m. and a 7 p.m. end time.

Sunday Matches will run between 8 a.m. and will be done by 5 p.m.

SATURDAY NIGHT AT 7pm WE HAVE A COLLEGE SHOWCASE MATCH!!!   Clemson vs Pitt College Women's Rugby on Field 8 of the SportsPlex.  This is a matrix match and is sure to be a good one.  Your credential or Ruggerfest admission bracelet is your ticket to the match.  

SCHEDULE:  For all matches, go to








March 3, 2018

CJRA Cougars (NC)

Phoenix U14

10:20 AM


Richmond Strikers (VA)

Phoenix U14

11:40 AM


Phoenix A Varsity

Charlotte Catholic

1:00 PM


Morris Lions (NJ)

Phoenix B Varsity

1:00 PM


North Meck (NC)

Phoenix B Varsity

4:00 PM




March 4, 2018

Phoenix A Varsity

Chapel Hill Highlanders

1:00 PM


Phoenix B Varsity match dependent on Saturday results.

Phoenix U14 Sunday match dependent on Saturday results.


Venue Rules:  The Mecklenburg Country Sportsplex is a local government owned park and under the authority of park rangers as well as local police.    Their rules are set by them and are not up for debate by tournament staff – not our monkeys – not our circus.

  • No tobacco or vaping
  • No alcohol
  • No pets or service animals on the playing surfaces (health code)
  • Pets only in designated other areas and always on leash
  • Normal rules of everyday law apply, such as but not limited to – no fighting, threatening, parking on sidewalks, starting fires in trash cans, etc, etc…
  • Park in marked, designated areas
  • Do NOT speed in the park – people, including lots of kids will be everywhere

Tournament Rules:   These are our specific rules for the tournament and will be enforced by tournament staff and officials.  None of these rules are meant to curtail your enjoyment – rather they are in place to keep things organized, within international and national laws of the game, and to ensure the right (YOUTH SPORTS) vibe is created and maintained for the event.

  • No yelling at the referees
  • No cursing people out
  • No spectators whatsoever on technical sides of each field.
  • Spectators behind dashed lines on gallery sideline (will be 2 meters back from sideline for safety)
  • No food on the playing surfaces
  • Be on time for kick-off or risk a forfeit
  • Clear the field immediately after your match so the next can start on time
  • Cheer loudly FOR your team not AGAINST the other team – great sportsmanship is a huge cultural aspect of rugby and we expect nothing less from players, coaches & fans alike.


Check-In:  Your team must check-in a MINIMUM of 1 hour before their first scheduled match.  There is a separate entrance for teams where both check-in and later re-entry happens.   Check-in is a quick, simple affair.   Your players that are on a your roster/ have completed waivers/ and are CIPP current will be checked off quickly and will enter – others will not.  The real work for check-in is NOW.   Ensure players are CIPPed, ensure players/ parents complete online waivers/ turn your complete roster in.  We are a 100% paperless tournament – so have made it easy on teams – but the work still must be done.  

**NOTE*** Some of our MSIRL and Varsity Middle School Division (formerly U14) teams will be playing on Field 1 in Area A on Saturday – These teams still must check in at the team check-in area in Area B – please allow time to get to your filed in time (1 minute drive, 8 minute walk)


Warm-Up Space:   There really isn’t any within the venue.  We apologize for this, but the number of matches scheduled has eaten up all of our space during the tournament proper within the venue.  There are open spaces around the park (outside of the venue itself) and like any park, you are free to find a spot to get players stretched and going.   Warming up in the Try-Zone of an active match is NOT an option.  Moving forward, we will expand Ruggerfest to more fields in the Sportsplex and providing warm-up space is already on our to-do list for improving the 2019 edition of the tourney.   Each team should have about 5 minutes on pitch just prior to their kick-off.  Those of you that’ve been to a large scale tourney before will already know and understand that warm-up space is ALWAYS an issue with these sorts of things.   We will endeavor to do better next year, but this year there is nothing to be done.

Food:   You are welcome to bring outside food and drink into the park.  In addition, there will be two food vendors AND a third coffee/ beverage type stand. Additionally, we have partnership with a local SUBWAY which will deliver pre-ordered team meals if you so choose.   Last year, we had only one food vendor and the lines were ridiculous.   We’ve clearly added to that to solve the issue, but them have also added another 16 teams to the tourney.   So, bring your patience but know that it should be delicious and much improved.

Merchandise:  We will have tournament T-shirts and custom tournament rugby balls for sale. In addition, we will have an array of rugby items also for sale in partnership with World Rugby Shop – so, forgotten mouth guards, tape, practice balls, USA Eagles jerseys and lots of other stuff will all be on hand WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.   For the record, 100% of proceeds for Carolina Ruggerfest go back into our state non-profit youth rugby organization (NCYRU) to grow rugby.   We are all volunteers that put on Ruggerfest (apart from Park and hourly employees we hire for the weekend).   The money you spend here goes back into growing the game.

General Admission:   Unless you are a rostered player/ coach, are part of Ruggerfest/ Park Staff, are a working Referee/ Official, or our part of our medical staff – you are a spectator and must go through the general admission entrance and pay a $5 entrance fee per day.   After you get your wristband, you are free to come and go as you please without re-paying.   Every year there are a few people who for whatever reason try to avoid the $5 under the auspices of being an assistant, team parent, coach’s spouse, etc, etc…   It’s $5 for general admission and we will not make exceptions.  

Vendors:   We will have a videographer doing livestreaming and match recording for select matches on Field 6. They will not be doing sales as this is more of a limited service and a dry-run.   We will post what games will be live on our website when that information is available.   People are welcome to talk to them about future fixtures and his services.

We will also have a photography company that will be selling their services at the venue.  They specialize in taking rugby action shots and will have their gear on hand to edit and print your shots same day.  

Both of these services will be located near to Field 6 and are indicated on the map.


Trainers/ Medical:  We will have one trainer (ATC) assigned per field plus at least one more at the central referee/ medical area.  

If players need to be taped, it is one a first come/ first serve basis and clearly treatment of an injury would take priority.   Players MUST BRING THEIR OWN PRE-WRAP AND TAPE.   Our trainers kit is for treating injuries.   Pre-wrap and tape will be for sale in our merchandise area while supplies last.

Our staff has FINAL CALL on any return to play/ transport issues.   Teams that bring their own trainers are great and very useful, that said – at our tournament our trainers have the final say on all player medical decisions.  We will err on the side of safety and caution 10 out of 10 times.

If a non-player has an medical emergency or injury, please go to the medical area to get help – we also have paramedics and EMT in the venue and on standby for the tournament.

Tents/ Chairs/ Etc:    There is a full side of each field especially for spectating.   There are NOT stadium stands.   You are welcome to bring in folding chairs and 10’ by 10’ tents – blankets to sit on are also fine.  What is key is that all of our spectators stay back 2 meters from the sideline – we actually have panted dashed lines on the fields to let you know where that is.  In addition, please, do not set up tents and chairs on the sidewalks (except team designated areas marked on map).    A good rule of thumb for tents is to make sure the back two legs are butted up to the sidewalk – this A. keeps you off the sidewalk and B. leaves enough space so you won’t be too close to the sideline.

Can you leave your tent/ chair/ etc… set up and leave without them to come back and use them later?  Leave them overnight Saturday?  The quick answer is, sure you can.   That said, if any of your stuff is stolen, lost, breaks, gets trampled, etc… you have zero recourse.   We are not responsible for your stuff at all.  Also, with so many teams cycling though each field each day, it is kind of counter-productive to leave your stuff there – eating up space that someone else might want to use for an hour to watch their kids play.  All that said, as long as the tents/ chairs are set up in designated areas and not too close to the field or on sidewalks – proceed as you like. 

Parking:  It’s free and there is lots of it.   There is a map attached that will outline where you can park, where busses go, etc…   That said, literally every other space is less than a 5 minute walk from the gate.     

Water & Ice:   We will supply and replenish ice and water for each field throughout both days of the tournament.    This is for team use and will be set up on the technical sideline which is a prohibited area for spectators.    The park has water fountains and even a water bottle filler station for use by spectators.  

Phoenix Team Area & Others:  Space #22

These areas are not super large, but are yours for the duration of the tourney.  Each will fit a 10’ by 10’ tent and will be a good spot to keep team gear, drinks, snacks, etc, etc…    Again, these are TEAM AREAS – not reserved for your fans.   Space is tight.   Each area will be for an entire club and we’ve had to double up in some cases, but have done so logically.   

On the attached and updated map, the team areas are shaded out as two large darker blue rectangles.    From top to bottom on the first block – are spaces 1-20.  On the bottom block, from left to right are slots 21-36.

Here is the list of club area slot assignments by slot number:

  1. Hudson Rugby, OH
  2. Warsaw Area, IN
  3. South Meck Savages, NC
  4. Sebastian River HS, FL
  5. Archbishop Spalding HS, MD
  6. DeMatha Catholic HS, MD
  7. Charlotte Catholic HS, NC
  8. Saint Joseph Academy, OH
  9. Moon Area Tigers, PA
  10. Cary, NC/ Chapel Hill, NC
  11. Fort Hunt Gators, VA
  12. Roswell Rugby, GA/ Etowah Rugby, GA
  13. Atlanta Youth Rugby, GA
  14. South Greenville, SC
  15. Atlanta Harlequins, GA/ South Greenville Girls, SC
  16. Clayton Rugby, NC
  17. Myers Park HS, NC
  18. Lexington, SC/ Charlotte Tigress, NC
  19. Charlotte Tigers, NC
  20. Charlotte Junior Rugby Association, NC
  21. Legion, VA
  22. Phoenix, GA
  23. Knoxville, TN
  24. Greensboro Barbarians, NC
  25. Irmo Sting, SC
  26. Morris Lions, NJ
  27. Mount Pleasant Marlins/ Wando Warriors, SC
  28. North Meck, NC
  29. North Raleigh Redhawks, NC
  30. Richmond Strikers, VA
  31. Union County Lions, NC
  32. WA Hough HS, NC
  33. Raleigh Rattlesnakes, NC
  34. East Cobb, GA
  35. Bearden, TN
  36. Ardrey Kell, NC

These are your club area but are NOT secure areas.   We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.   That said, it should be nice to have an area to call your own over the weekend.    Preliminary weather reports call for sunny skies and temps in the lower 60s – 10% chance of light, stray showers only.   Tents will NOT be provided by us, so bring what you need.


2018 Ruggerfest Parking Plan.pdf
2018 sportsplex area b final.png