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Updated Wednesday January 16, 2019 by Phoenix Rugby.

Questions ? Comments? Witticism? Criticism?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all or if we can help in any way.

Our preferred means of communication is EMAIL; while we have made our mobile phone numbers availble, we would prefer that you don't use these unless it is an emergency. All the coaches and administrators are working volunteers, so please be considerate using their mobile numbers. Thanks in advance! 

Phoenix also maintain a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook - feel free to visit these platforms and follow us!  

Our Twitter handle is @PhoenixRugbyGA, and on Facebook we are "Alpharetta Phoenix Rugby Club". 

General Information & Registration Questions:

High School (Varsity U18 / Junior Varsity U16):

Middle School (U14 & U12):

Phoenix Store & Shop:

If you would like Phoenix Rugby Club to keep you informed about our schedules, events, or activities, you can contact one of the emails listed above or send an email to  We promise not to clutter up your inbox & will only send you important new information!

People - Role / Mobile: 

Niall Fenton - President: (678) 477-5225

Buster Kennett: Director of Rugby

High School Coaches:

Buster Kennett: Head Coach

Niall Fenton- Coach

Clinton Cridick- Coach

Bernie Magoon- Coach

Nico Podesta-Coach

Stavos Vacratsas- Coach

Paul Bagby- Coach


Middle School Coaches:

Stephen Parsons- Head Coach

Sean Burke- Coach

Stavos Vacratsas- Coach



Cindy Cooper - Secretary/Administrator: (404) 667-8347

Kathy & Adam Nelson- Store Manager: